Anser Journal

The Affair

By Bernard Pearson

They lock hands
Sculpted together,
As if by Rodin’s ghost
Each other’s final
jigsaw piece.

At the pedestrian crossing
They step out nervously
For now it seems a
Mighty river to ford.

On the other side
When the danger
has passed.

She pauses her head
Against his chest
Where his paper lantern heart
Splutters and misfires
As it had done these
Last few years

While rain which they once
Would have danced in
Pins them to the wall
Like specimens in a drawer.

Bernard Pearson has work appearing in many publications, including Aesthetica Magazine, The Edinburgh Review, Crossways, The Gentian, Nymphs, The Poetry Village, Beneath The Fever, and The Beach Hut. In 2017, a selection of his poetry, “In Free Fall,” was published by Leaf by Leaf Press. In 2019, he won second prize in The Aurora Prize for Writing for his poem, “Manor Farm.”