Featuring work from Kris Hiles, Tyler Jacobs, Palaces P., Megan Nichols, and more.
Cover art (“Abstract Form #6”) by Alexandre Nodopaka.

Two Poems

“We talked about / how many kids we’d have (2) / and how you wanted a car after / you finished Air Force Tech School. / I was nervous, but you promised / not to go to the store for milk / and leave us and never come back. / Well, you got a car and / we had our two kids.”

By Valerie Frost

Pyjamas in the Snow

“I’d write home using one of these postcards, back when home-whilst-travelling was a strange place, an exotic village elsewhere, a solipsist’s mirage, a narcissist’s daydream, and then I’d go to the Post Office on East 34th Street and watch these postcards take flight...”

By Michael McGill

Taking Things Back

“Two or three moves along from that town, and long after the much defrauded F.W. Woolworth had ceased trading, I decided
that it ought to be told. The phone calls, by then, were fewer and further between even than when I’d first moved out.”

By Mike Hickman


“We guzzled filtered water just to wet our throats because we were too busy wasting our youth by slapping our arms ... I thought of his unquiet hands and how his throat searched for something to swallow as if it was the first time he ever had to do this.”

By Tyler Jacobs

A Nice Cup of Tea

“I knew he had died / Because every day he woke first / To bring a nice cup of tea in bed. /
And that morning the kettle / Didn’t wake me and he lay / Still beside me...”

By Sadie Maskery

Two Poems

“I did not expect you to ask about our death so soon. We are both / still young, but lately, hesitation joins us in places it hasn’t before. / Reckless on the highway, a student driver in every car. Unassuming / at the library, preying on our introspection...”

By Megan Nichols

Marigolds like god and sun

“Years later, Mama cries through the rain, / tells me that the marigolds do not bloom like they used to. /
I want to tell her that there is only yellow around us, / And that the tree outside melts at her touch.”

By Mitali Singh

The Fervour of Youth

“It’s been a long year yet / the old adage rings true: /
absence makes the heart / grow fonder and I love you, too.”

By Jay Miller

Three Poems


By Shawn Berman

master in the nightclub

“i’m sorry that i called you master in the nightclub / i was thinking about the time we'd combined change for a coffee; / you’d put your arm between me and that street preacher / then we kept your rusty bike lock closed too long”

By Palaces P.

You Taught Me
To Love The Cello

“I only heard the cello / as it whined and reverberated and mocked / me, my gloves, my powder, us /
as if it were warning me that this life / I perceived was slipping away from me...”

By Riya Cyriac


“There is a house on a cliff by the sea. It’s a washed-out, barely-there shade of blue, with a lopsided picket fence
and a handful of flowers kept alive only through rain and the kindness of others...”

By Rowan Levi

I am bluish; I envy

“I kept every bouquet of roses, / wrapped in layer after layer of gaffer’s tape and / throw it from the roof of the state’s second highest building. / The incense sticks extinguish in my carpet / like cigarette butts alongside / rotting beheaded from the summer.”

By Rachael Gay

Two Poems

“I tried to hold hope on the tip of my tongue, / but it turned into wishes and those never come true. /
Once a prayer flew into my window. / It landed on my bed shaped like a leaf.”

By Amy Soricelli

Everybody has to die—
I don’t have

“ go to church and Sunday School to know / that but I guess it helps because there’s hope /
for the dead they tell me, I mean the folks / at church tell me, not the dead tell me...”

By Gale Acuff

Tree as Teacher

“I stand as tall as I can these days, feeling spent with change. Ten years ago /
I moved a tree with a hug and gritted teeth. I flipped a boulder with my bare hands / and lifted a fallen tree off of the trail.”

By John Dorroh

Two Poems

“I followed / the arc of rainbows / and found / the pool /
where all the / water / stops / and their prism / corpses / float / bloated...”

By Riley Bounds

Three Poems

“I just wonder / if I’m missing something, / like a three headed dog, / licking itself as a soul sneaks away /
towards a monotheistic heaven, / while Hercules is left to wrestle / his midlife crisis.”

By Richard LeDue

Three Poems

“...I’ve been trying to weigh / how alone I should be, and how / long.
Measuring / tape and fabric pins / cannot wrap me / in a barricade.”

By Kris Hiles