Anser Journal

Two Poems

By Michael Igoe

Final Chance
I am aware of cases
of hexed inhalation.
No need to school me,
I see tramps crowded
in sunless court ways.
They hold hands
brows furrowed
longing to exhale.
Today I answer badly
please try me tonight.
Birdlife hues lend
to either dark iris.
I don’t bother wondering
about cracked up speech.
The same word passes
from your lips as mine.

Warm Rains of Niagara
He took great pains
composing a riddle.
He is the only man
to save cash money.
But he rests alone
when he is paused
on a cool stairway.
In a forbidden April
he makes light work
of a recent slaughter.
Walking surefooted,
he is sole witness
to a dull roar that
no more cleanses.

Michael Igoe is a neurodiverse city boy from many locations. He’s on the recovery staff at Boston University’s Center For Psych Rehab. His works appear in numerous journals online and print. He practices Tai Chi and sees to a cat. He received the Editor’s Choice for Excellence Award from The National Library Of Poetry in 1997. He holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and serves on the Democratic National Committee.