October 2020

Featuring work from Liza Kolbasov, Meimei Xu,
Aditya Shankar, Maya Mahoney, Michael Igoe, and more.
Cover art from Unsplash.

Two Poems

“I don’t bother wondering / about cracked up speech /
The same word passes / from your lips as mine.”

By Michael Igoe


“All life-support systems are still hanging in there, / I’m not suffocating yet. /
I’m not starving yet. / But it doesn’t seem like I’m going to make it back to you.”

By Ryan Stevens

The Grief Picker

“From behind shut doors, / our eyes shine with relief.
A murder of crows feast on our unnamed sadness, our untold tales.”

By Aditya Shankar

The Sister’s Vigil

“Marya catches her wrist, draws her closer still, as close as
two desperate people in the midst of a revolution can be. ‘Later.’”

By M Tomko

From the
South of India

“Succulent succour while my city burns /
to the ground.”

By Meghna Anil Nair

Rose Knows

“From this view, the falling leaves look like fluttering butterflies.
Rose knows that when she comes down she’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

By Zach Murphy


“...a golden casserole fills a day sullen /
with aromatic Americana”

By A.R. Salandy

Receding Tide

“I sit staring out at the receding tide, and the Pacific Ocean
that lies between myself and my mother’s morning walk.”

By Tania Martin

Tunnel Vision

“Look right–a silent sheet of sun-storm, /
heaven staring in, unblinking.”

By Meimei Xu

Dance As Resistance

“I move through air like it is water, something to be moved, something within which to dwell.
I am moved, I am cradled in space, I am held, I am holding joy so deep it aches and weighs my arms down.”

By Maya Mahony

Baby Hawks are Crying

“Still the black birds swoop and swarm / Revenge? Obsessive useless effort? /
Or ignorance / of hopeless foregone end?”

By Lita Kurth

The Single Mother's
Guide to Money

“...So smooth-skinned with that perfect hair and always doing the right things. Milquetoast.
I like my men a little more complicated, rougher around the edges.”

By Tarn Wilson

Three Poems

“you have to break everything to put it back / together again
... I say life is nothing / like a poem, but poetry is everything / like life.”

By Liza Kolbasov