Anser Journal

A Nice Cup of Tea

By Sadie Maskery

I knew he had died
Because every day he woke first
To bring a nice cup of tea in bed.
And that morning the kettle
Didn’t wake me and he lay
Still beside me.
I eased into my slippers
Padded to the kitchen.
Made two teas, put them on tray.
The nice cups, with saucers,
Fine china that needed a wash
Because of the dust, for show
Usually, we could see our hands
Through the glaze. Nice cups.
With fresh milk, not yesterday’s.
Watched the kettle boil.
Followed the steam curling
Lazily across the worktop
And disappear. Where does it go
I wondered. The sugar shook
From the spoon a little.
A nice cup of tea. 

Sadie Maskery was a singer until lockdown and now is not sure what she is except perhaps 70% chocolate, 19% caffeine. She can be found on Twitter as @saccharinequeen.